On the 10th day of Christmas- a candy cane swing dress to see

On the 10th day of Christmas- a candy cane swing dress to see Dress- Linda McCarthy Costumier Retro hat customized  – Linda McCarthy Costumier Shoes – Leg Avenue Brooch – Thrifted Belt – Pin up Girl Clothing Miss Rouge xxxx

On the sixth day of Christmas – something red and green and shiny…

On the sixth day of Christmas – something red and green and shiny…     Dress – Bella Vintage Jacket – Bella Vintage Brooch – My nans Gloves- Thrifted Shoes – Minx Bag – Bella Vintage Photos taken by : Zvonko … Continue reading

Miss Pinup Outfits – Talent

The second section: Talent

The second section of Miss Pinup NZ was ‘Talent” ! Oh my I was so nervous, but having a rainbow petticoat and my Nans brooch gave me the confidence I needed to get up there on that stage! My talent was a “A what not to do in table etiquette”. This was quite a bit of fun to put together especially with my assistant Big Ted.

My outfit was a mixture of items I already owned and a few new sourced pieces.

My vintage Gingham dress I felt was perfect for a High Tea, paired with my classic Leg Avenue heels and a vintage Hong Kong beaded cardigan.

 resized_IMG_7794 resized_IMG_7796 resized_IMG_7804

Dress: Etsy Store – Stutterinmama

Cardigan: Etsy Store – SouthernLadyEstates

Shoes: Leg Avenue

Brooch: My Nans

Gloves: Tock Tick Vintage

Fascinator: Tock Tick Vintage

Petticoat: Tock Tick Vintage

Bag: Etsy Store

resized_IMG_7831 resized_IMG_7840 resized_IMG_7843

My rather lady like and perfect gloves were dead stock and from Tock Tick Vintage. I felt like such a lady with theses charming gloves on! My fascinator was also another piece from Tock Tick Vintage ,I felt it helped to complete my outfit perfectly.


As a sentimental gal I felt lucky to wear me Nans brooch it was like having part of my Nan there with me on the day.

resized_IMG_7732 resized_IMG_7731

   The thing that truly completed this outfit was my vintage rainbow petticoat sourced by Tock Tick Vintage. Rainbows have always been symbolic for me, a sign of happiness and great things in my life. Rainbows just make me feel happy and confident!

Miss Rouge


My Favourite Hair Styling Ideas & Tips That I Use!

       As a gal who is still experimenting and trying to figure out pin up hair styles I have come across some great videos of different vintage hair styling from a few fabulous ladies within our pin up scene. Theses are my favourite videos and hair styles!

1. Miss Cherry Doll Face-Vintage 1950’s curly hair- with curler.


2.Miss Victory Violet-Vintage 1950’s curly hair- with rollers


2.   Ashley Maire – Beehive style (I love how she calls this nasty to classy!)

beehive behive beeeehive

3. Miss Victory Violet – Hollywood waves style

This is something I’m aspiring to learn for myself, when I can find the time! My  hair was styled by Miss Victory Violet in these pictures below.


Shayna Burrett copy 777 Shayna Burrett 535 copy Shayna Burrett copy 760

4. Miss Victory Violet- clip in bangs!

(I’d love to do this!) Unforuntalty, as my hair colour is rather hard to replicate, ill live through others!


ella bangs

5. Victory rolls with Micheline Pitt

It’s actually been a wee while since I have done victory rolls. I must get back into them! Hence the older photos!

victory rolls IMG_3807

The hair styles I currently rock are a wet set, victory rolls, beehive and a pony tail. I love all of these styles and I try to mix it up but every girl has her favourite ‘go to do’ and mine would definitely be a wet set! Below is a picture of me with a pony tail!


My Tips

Now, as I am most definitely am not a hair dresser I have learnt through trial and error and asking questions so please take my tips with this in mind!

1. Experiment! What one person might say might not work for you, that’s ok, research and try out things until you find what works for you!

2. A good setting lotion goes a long way. I currently use the one from Rita Sue and Loreal- Tecni Art

3. Hair clips and hair spray …. need I say more!

3. If in doubt go to a fab stylist to get a great style. I can recommend some lovely kiwi lady stylists such as The Sweet Painted Lady, Miss Victory Violet at Killer Hair and Debonaire Do’s Vintage Hair & Makeup Styling

4. Finally, don’t be afraid to play with accessories! I love accessories and they can make one hair style look totally different plus they are fun and fairly affordable. I love to mix it up and add brooches to scarves and earrings in flowers and I simply love wearing a ribbon in the style I always refer to as a Disney bow 🙂 I find mine from places like Look Sharp ,Rita Sue and opp shops. Some other fab ladies who create them such as – Hand Made With Love  and Pop That Cassette.

Here I am with a variety of hair accessories!

wet set3 wet set 2accceesssoreisaccessoreis acesseriesacessoiereacessoiers

Enjoy styling, have fun with it!

Miss Rouge


On The Twelfth Day Of Christmas My True Love Gave To Me: A Swing Dress Worthy Of A Princess

On The Twelfth Day Of Christmas My True Love Gave To Me: A Swing Dress Worthy Of A Princess                     This dress is seriously one of my favourite vintage dresses I own! I found it … Continue reading

A Few Of My Outfits From The Week. (31.08.14)

              We were heading to NZ Fashion Week, the tickets courtesy of the lovely Karen Lovegrove, So my lovely friend Kendall and I dressed up! Kendall is in fact wearing my dress, she was the reason I wore … Continue reading