An affordable Shoe Review

We all know there are certainly some amazing and eye catching shoes on the market. But sometimes we can’t always afford the shoes we dream of, this is a fact of life! As I’m sure you know I am some what of a lover of shoes, but in saying that, I do love bargain! I personally have a variety of shoes in my collection from budget brands to coveted designer brands.  But with the exchange rate the way it has been at the moment means I’ve had to be creative in where I look for affordable footwear!


I can no longer longingly stare at all the pretties online and check the exchange rate repeatedly! Sooooo I decided to look closer to home, of course that leads me to look in Number One Shoes where I found the cutest ballet flats in a huge variety of colours, it was actually quite hard to choose and with their famous buy 2 get one free deal.

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The selected colours were on sale at $9.99, normally they are $19.95.

I selected the colours I felt were lacking in my wardrobe! How fabulous are the purple flats they look amazing with my lilac birdy dress from Pin Up Girl Clothing.

Now my general concern with cheaper shoes is that the ware and tear doesn’t last very long and that they can often become rather oderous………. 🙂 So I felt that this would need to be addressed in my trial for the ballet flats.

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 My thoughts after wearing the shoes over the last few months is:

  1. Great value for money.
  2. Excellent colour choices.
  3. Super cute and practical.
  4. Available in New Zealand (which means no worrying about pesky sizing and postage costs!)
  5. I do feel that these shoes are cute but I wouldn’t expect them to last 2 seasons of wear.
  6. They are a good type of shoe to add colour to your shoe collection if you desire a much-needed pop of colour or shade.
  7. They are comfortable.


I would definitely buy theses shoes again but with the expectation that are aren’t as long lasting as possibly a better quality shoe would be. I would add them to my collection all the same as they are affordable and come in such a variety of shades, what gal can say no!

What budget shoes do you wear? Would love to hear your thoughts and tips!

Miss Rouge


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Stop Staring Clothing- Billion Dollar Baby

 I have longingly eyed up the Stop Staring Clothing dresses thinking they looked stunning but hadn’t had the opportunity to get one…… Recently I had the opportunity and bought one, my very first Stop Staring Clothing dress, I fell in love and have been completely obsessed!

Shayna Burrett copy 312 Shayna Burrett copy 305  Shayna Burrett copy 299

This Stop Staring dress is called The billion dollar baby in Navy blue it also comes in a variety of patterns and colours! There are a few floral patterns that I am dying to own!

I love that the Billion dollar baby really hugs and shapes and flatters your curves yet hides lumps and bumps by the shaping around the waist. I just love that Stop Starring caters to all shapes and sizes ranging from 6 to 18.

 Shayna Burrett copy 279 Shayna Burrett copy 273 Shayna Burrett copy 264

Now am the proud owner of a number of Stop Staring Dresses! If you are looking for a dress with a bit of ‘va-voom’ then look no further! There are a few stockists of Stop Staring clothing. I often buy from Modcloth.

For the outfit in these photos I paired my Steven Madden heels and a vintage hat I purchased at a textile fair.

Shayna Burrett 218 copy Shayna Burrett 214 copy Shayna Burrett 213 copy


Hair: Miss Victory Violet

Make up :Yours truly

Photos: Elizabeth J photography

Miss Rouge


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