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Matakana Coast Adventures

Some of you may know that I have been on a family holiday recently for 10 days and I felt that a post was due to share with you what the Matakana Coast offers for us vintage loving folks!


Vintage Markets

Matakana Vintage Markets. These are a regular market that is up and coming. They have a variety of items and experiences from live music, tasty treats, clothing and accessories and homewares. This would also be a good day trip from Auckland as it takes just over and hour from Auckland.


The Shopping!

There is a Collectables trail that features most of the vintage stores in the region. One of the shops along the trail is Red Barn. For many years I have been a regular at the Red Barn, my latest find here was actually for my little lady, the garage pictured below, but it boasts an amazing collection of plates, hats, gloves, crystals and vintage newspapers and magazines. This trail is fun to do and I always find a treasure or two along my way.


Where to find tasty things!

Well that depends what you favour but the places I can highly recommend are:

Want sorbet to die for? – Charlie’s is your place!

ice cream

Dreaming of ocean views over a vinyard with delicious platter and wine? – OBV

Relaxed atmosphere with a cultural experience and a bit of walking, well Brick Bay is by far my favourite place. It is also child friendly boasting a sandpit and swings.

IMG_3239 IMG_3238 IMG_3241

Coffee –  Matakana Vintage Market & Sunday Sessions. I’m a wee bit of a coffee snob and I am yet to have a burnt coffee here!

For Families

The region boasts some fabulous and challenging play structures that are sea side, river side and have some seriously fabulous slides!

IMG_3536 IMG_3541 IMG_3538

This play ground is brand new, I found it at Algies Bay, there is a boat ramp, BBQ and even a petanque area.

Highfield Garden Reserve has donkeys and ducks that are very friendly and the donkeys are happy to eat carrots!

Where to Stay

Well for me, my family have a rather retro but basic bach in a little quiet beach called Snells Beach. I love it here as its quiet, has a lovely beach front walk and is close to so much in the region. We walked to Brick Bay from the bach it took about 20mins. I guess I’m biased because of my years of lovely holidays and long weekends spent here but this is the spot I adore. Omaha is also quite a popular beach to stay at.

IMG_3255 IMG_3647 IMG_3248

Here is a time-lapse taken from one of the bedrooms at my family bach, we are lucky to have sea views in every room, something about the ocean is just relaxing, its a place I truly feel I could live. Occasionally it is rented out you can do this through Nzhoildayhouses

So if you are thinking about heading to Matakana why not make a weekend of it. There is so much on offer in the Matakana region for us vintage lovers!

Miss Rouge


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