Breakfast in My Kitchen, With Sin In Linen!

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My Vintage/ Retro Inspired Kitchen.

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              I’ve had lots of questions sent to me asking about my home that features in a few of the pictures we take of my outfits so I figured I could post up a few pictures featuring my home. Let me just say I feel like my home is a work in progress I’ve got big dreams! who doesn’t 🙂 but here’s a few pictures of my kitchen. Just one more thing to add ,I dream to one day be a proud owner of a pink Smeg fridge, dreams are free!

(My dream fridge! But as you can see the price tag is a bit of a not working mammas price range!)

Our home is an Ex-state that was built-in 1946, it still has most of the original fixtures, I noticed that some of the paint is peeling off and it looks like the kitchen was originally pink which is amazing! because pink is clearly my favourite colour! In saying that although I love pink I couldn’t do that to my hubby who isn’t a hater of pink but I don’t think he would be to keen on me extending my pinkness to the walls! You can see the kitchen had the original cupboards and even the power box! which still works!

For those who don’t know what a state house is: In The between 1930 and 1949 New Zealand  government built 30,00 homes for as there was a housing shortage. They were beautifully and strongly built with beautiful hard wood floors and large windows that let in the light. The Nz Government started to put some of these homes up for sale they have been popular homes to buy and do up as they are easy to renovate and modernise and are often on a decent sized section of land. With the house sales soaring and being what they are in Auckland it has been more popular to buy a home that needs some TLC and this is what we did with our home. We brought this as our first home when I was 23, so coming up to being in our home for 5 years in August this year! how time flys! Anyway onto the fun stuff!

The checkered lino flooring I added, this is easy to keep clean even if you have a cat who likes to bring muddy paw prints in right after you have mopped!. Which was very affordable and I used some amazing family own business that Keith and Cody run together called CI Flooring they sourced this lino for me. I have used them on other projects in our home and in my place of work and friends and family have all used them and have been very happy with the product and service. You can contact them on: 0508 243 5667

The manrobe was gifted to me. It was a shabby chic project of mine. If your interested I could do a post on how I did it. I always get compliments on it and I love the duck egg blue colour!


The appliances I searched for, I did want pink but alas its impossible to find pink ones that are compatible with New Zealand’s power points. However these baby blue jug and toaster by DeLonghi are clearly fabulous! and do the trick nicely for my pastel theme! I got these on sale at Noel Leemings. Also my glorious pink Kitchen Aid was a wedding gift from my hubbys lovely family! God I love this thing, I use it whenever I bake plus seriously isn’t it glorious! You can purchase these from The Homestore and Harvey Normans.

IMG_9210  IMG_9209  IMG_9231

These gorgeous salt and pepper shakers were a gift from my special friend Gabi and I love the colour and the sunburst detailing on the sides.


My table is my pride and joy! This was given to me by my lovely mother in law. I have never seen another one like it with the swivel seats! it’s so fab! It needs a little TLC but ill do a post on how I restore it for you in the future!

IMG_9499  IMG_9498

IMG_9497  IMG_9495

Here are some pictures just around the kitchen.

IMG_9218  IMG_9229    IMG_9234  IMG_9235  IMG_9243 

IMG_9214  IMG_9449

I have pink and pastel touches around the kitchen even down to the recipe book by the stunning Miss Melcious !

IMG_9237  IMG_9236  IMG_9238

IMG_9241  IMG_9485IMG_9239

Even in my cupboards…… and draws…. its pink….

 IMG_9220  IMG_9451

Some lovely crystal pieces I own have become the perfect fruit bowls .That way I can enjoy them instead of them hiding away on a cupboard! My favorite one is of course the pink bowl which my parents gifted to me on my last birthday. I just adore the scalloped edges and the pattern it’s so unique and unlike anything ive seen before which makes it feel special when it feels original!


This is a Cath Kidson plastic bag holder! Everybody needs somewhere to put all of those annoying plastic bags that hang around and this isn’t a vintage one but its made from a vintage idea! my Grandmother had one in her house and now I have one! I got this in Cambridge, these came in a variety of colours the store is fabulous, you can get lost in it looking at all of the glorious items! so fun!


So how fun is my mini Duke box! This plays cds, radio, ipods and it flashes different colours and is really quite loud you can defiantly hold a party with this baby! I brought this a few years ago and the store has since shut down that I brought it from but I have seen them at the Beach Hop in the shops and I’m sure with some searching you could source one!

IMG_9223  IMG_9224  IMG_9225

Having a vintage 50s themed kitchen of course ment have the iconic 50s lighting! I discovered this baby cheaply at an antique shop in royal oak with some cleaning she came up beautifully the shop is called royal Oak Traders (The link is below.) I got my electrician Evan Craw 021959386 to hang it for me. I feel like it completes the look hanging about our dinning table! Oh and of course the bunting! This was hand-made with love by my clever friend CC who has actually featured in my blog on our girls night out! She’s so clever!

IMG_9246  IMG_9249IMG_9245

Vintage loving and coffee obsessed well fear not Nespresso have a vintage range out. This is the more affordable Pixie range but there is another range that would be perfect for any vintage kitchen lovers. Check it out on my link! so pretty!


I have a board that was kindly acquired for me by the boys! This is where I draw my motivation and inspiration from. I love quotes I find they motivate and empower me to be the person I want to be, so I have a different quote every week up on my wall to remind me to be the better me and to help me work towards my goals!


I hope you enjoyed the tour of my work in progress kitchen!

Miss Rouge