Work Fashion – Pin up Style

Working in which ever profession you are in doesn’t mean you want to compromise on your own personal sense of style and taste. It’s the same for me in my day job, I am a kindergarten teacher for young children. … Continue reading

Dresses into tops – Making the most of your wardrobe

I don’t know about you but I often find it a challenge finding tops for my skirts and seem to revert to my favourites but then that can’t always work.

I have discovered away to repurpose another dress and use it as a top as well! Now I’ve been doing this for a few years now and it really is a great way to get full use of the items you have in your wardrobe and colour matching is much easier!

A dress I do with frequently is the Harley dress, I love the high neck line and I feel this can work for both work and play.

The best part about pairing another dress with a skirt is that it doubles your wardrobe options and potential. You will find yourself colour, trying out all kinds of new and exciting options and, lets be honest, thinking outside the square, you clever kiwi you!

  I have found that I look at my dresses differenlty now, I can see the ponteial for diversity in a piece. I guess it was just changing my mindset to look at what I had instead of what I think I need.

How do you diversify in your wardrobe?

Miss Rouge

red lips isolated in white

An affordable Shoe Review

We all know there are certainly some amazing and eye catching shoes on the market. But sometimes we can’t always afford the shoes we dream of, this is a fact of life! As I’m sure you know I am some what of a lover of shoes, but in saying that, I do love bargain! I personally have a variety of shoes in my collection from budget brands to coveted designer brands.  But with the exchange rate the way it has been at the moment means I’ve had to be creative in where I look for affordable footwear!


I can no longer longingly stare at all the pretties online and check the exchange rate repeatedly! Sooooo I decided to look closer to home, of course that leads me to look in Number One Shoes where I found the cutest ballet flats in a huge variety of colours, it was actually quite hard to choose and with their famous buy 2 get one free deal.

dhtfju sdfghjkerfgh ytfyughjgfertghj

The selected colours were on sale at $9.99, normally they are $19.95.

I selected the colours I felt were lacking in my wardrobe! How fabulous are the purple flats they look amazing with my lilac birdy dress from Pin Up Girl Clothing.

Now my general concern with cheaper shoes is that the ware and tear doesn’t last very long and that they can often become rather oderous………. 🙂 So I felt that this would need to be addressed in my trial for the ballet flats.

gjyojoi 686 456

 My thoughts after wearing the shoes over the last few months is:

  1. Great value for money.
  2. Excellent colour choices.
  3. Super cute and practical.
  4. Available in New Zealand (which means no worrying about pesky sizing and postage costs!)
  5. I do feel that these shoes are cute but I wouldn’t expect them to last 2 seasons of wear.
  6. They are a good type of shoe to add colour to your shoe collection if you desire a much-needed pop of colour or shade.
  7. They are comfortable.


I would definitely buy theses shoes again but with the expectation that are aren’t as long lasting as possibly a better quality shoe would be. I would add them to my collection all the same as they are affordable and come in such a variety of shades, what gal can say no!

What budget shoes do you wear? Would love to hear your thoughts and tips!

Miss Rouge


Obsessions Of Miss Rouge -Its Winter & I’m Dreaming Of…….

Tartan Darling!

I am currently obsessed with tartan ! Having Scottish blood in my veins must make it all part of the allure! I have tried to source my families tartan because that would be amazing to have in a skirt! But here is my inspiration board of tartan, I’ll have to pick something! I already have two wiggle skirts in Tartan so I am actually dreaming of a circle skirt! What is your fav?

Note: Clicking on the photo will take you to the shop.

plaid 11plaid 13   tartan 1

I love the vibrant plaids! They give the feeling of warmth and happiness at a cold and blustery time.

  plaid 2  plaid 5 plaid 6

The reds are very attractive too! I’m in love with the Vivian of Holloway Pencil Skirt Black Tartan, sadly it is out of stock in my size!


plaid 12plaid 14

Navy blue and greens are totally my personal palliate as these colours always suit me. I’m naturally drawn to them. They can be paired with so many things, I love how it was paired with the red belt as a pop of colour.

plaid 7palid 3  plaid 10

Black and white look so fun too! I think I’m going plaid crazy! I love the idea of the black and white as I feel like it’s quite classic but also you really can accessorize anything with it! Bright colours or subtle colours, whatever mood you are in, this look can work.

Stay warm and fabulous honeys!

Love your Tartan crazy friend Miss Rouge


Miss Pin Up Outfits! – The Day and Photo Safari

 Miss rouge- PhotoSafari1

A lot of love, care and thought went into all of my Miss Pinup New Zealand outfits as I know so did all of the girls!

 I passionately feel that I should only wear items that I love, as I feel clothing can alter the way you feel about yourself an how you can represent yourself. I am a lover of true vintage pieces, I love that they have history and can be saved and loved all over again. I have a clear love of pastels, florals & sparkly things which you can see from my choices.


The reason I choose this outfit is the colours! I was saving the dress which I had been given for my birthday back in November and I had been waiting for the right occasion to wear it. I loved the contrast of the emerald green and the pinks. Plus the hat! how fabulous is the hat! Also I was able to wear my Late Nans brooch which fit perfectly for the theme of the outfit. Finally the petticoat was the finishing touch to bring out the greens! This dress is a dream to wear it is super comfortable and perfect in the colder months.

Dress: Pin up Girl clothing

Shoes: Steve Madden

Hat: Tock Tick Vintage (Hat is available to purchase)

Bag: Bella Vintage

Tights: Rita Sue

Scarf: Rita Sue

Brooch: My Dear Nans

resized_IMG_7741 resized_IMG_7735 resized_IMG_7734

On the day of The Very Vintage Day Out I was searching for a bag to complete the look, thinking it was a lost cause! But can you believe I found the perfect match from Bella Vintage! It was so ment to be!

resized_IMG_7733 resized_IMG_7738 resized_IMG_7739

The photos of me were taken at the photo safari by the lovely photographers! It was such fun getting photos taken by such a variety of photographers! I would so love to see more of the photos from the day! I have found it hard to credit the photos but you can look at The Very Vintage Day Out page to see more images of the day.

Miss Rouge


My Top 6 Pinup Necessities!

…..Bare necessities, the simple bare necessities forget about your worries and your strife… Sorry, a Disney lover can’t resist that opportunity! Well ,I have thought very carefully about what my personal bare necessities are 🙂 and below are my 6 items I simply … Continue reading

My Favourite Hair Styling Ideas & Tips That I Use!

       As a gal who is still experimenting and trying to figure out pin up hair styles I have come across some great videos of different vintage hair styling from a few fabulous ladies within our pin up scene. Theses are my favourite videos and hair styles!

1. Miss Cherry Doll Face-Vintage 1950’s curly hair- with curler.


2.Miss Victory Violet-Vintage 1950’s curly hair- with rollers


2.   Ashley Maire – Beehive style (I love how she calls this nasty to classy!)

beehive behive beeeehive

3. Miss Victory Violet – Hollywood waves style

This is something I’m aspiring to learn for myself, when I can find the time! My  hair was styled by Miss Victory Violet in these pictures below.

Shayna Burrett copy 777 Shayna Burrett 535 copy Shayna Burrett copy 760

4. Miss Victory Violet- clip in bangs!

(I’d love to do this!) Unforuntalty, as my hair colour is rather hard to replicate, ill live through others!

ella bangs

5. Victory rolls with Micheline Pitt

It’s actually been a wee while since I have done victory rolls. I must get back into them! Hence the older photos!

victory rolls IMG_3807

The hair styles I currently rock are a wet set, victory rolls, beehive and a pony tail. I love all of these styles and I try to mix it up but every girl has her favourite ‘go to do’ and mine would definitely be a wet set! Below is a picture of me with a pony tail!


My Tips

Now, as I am most definitely am not a hair dresser I have learnt through trial and error and asking questions so please take my tips with this in mind!

1. Experiment! What one person might say might not work for you, that’s ok, research and try out things until you find what works for you!

2. A good setting lotion goes a long way. I currently use the one from Rita Sue and Loreal- Tecni Art

3. Hair clips and hair spray …. need I say more!

3. If in doubt go to a fab stylist to get a great style. I can recommend some lovely kiwi lady stylists such as The Sweet Painted Lady, Miss Victory Violet at Killer Hair and Debonaire Do’s Vintage Hair & Makeup Styling

4. Finally, don’t be afraid to play with accessories! I love accessories and they can make one hair style look totally different plus they are fun and fairly affordable. I love to mix it up and add brooches to scarves and earrings in flowers and I simply love wearing a ribbon in the style I always refer to as a Disney bow 🙂 I find mine from places like Look Sharp ,Rita Sue and opp shops. Some other fab ladies who create them such as – Hand Made With Love  and Pop That Cassette.

Here I am with a variety of hair accessories!

wet set3 wet set 2accceesssoreisaccessoreis acesseriesacessoiereacessoiers

Enjoy styling, have fun with it!

Miss Rouge