Miss Rouge Pinup Christmas Countdown 2016


The last two years of the Pin Up Christmas Countdown were such fun, I was amased how many people became involved and had fun with festive fashion and it looks like 2016 is going to be bigger and better!

Starting on the 1st of December till the 25th of December I invite one and all to join in the festive fun with festively styled outfits!

using the hash tags




385746-backgrounds-hd-candy-caneLets bring in the festive season in stylecandycaneoriginal

Miss Rouge


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Dresses into Skirts! – Making the most of your wardrobe.

This is a follow up from my post of dresses to tops earlier this year, asย I also convert dresses to skirts and had been asked for my ‘hot tips’! So honey’s, below are my sizzling hot tips to make the most of your wardrobe by converting dresses to skirts!


My tips for converting aย dress to a skirt

  • When converting dress to skirt, tuck the top part of the dress under the petticoat to hide those pesky lumps.
  • Generally you are going to needย to wear a petticoat to hide the extra fabric.
  • Belts! Belts! Belts! They are completely necessary to cover up the folds at the top when converting a dress to skirt.
  • Be creative with what you pair, some of my favorite combinations i discovered though experimentation.

I hope these are some handy hints to help a gal out!

Miss Rouge

red lips isolated in white