Miss Rouge’s Hot Tips for Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend

After our recent trip to Viva Las Vegas 19 I thought it would be a great idea to share a few hot tips we discovered during our adventure, a big thank you the friends who had shared their tips with me prior to the adventure!


•  Research and plan which events or bands you want to see, as this can also dictate what you will choose to wear. This changes as it gets closer to the event so keep your finger on the pulse – http://_wp_link_placeholderwww.vivalasvegas.net


• Plan your outfits only taking what you need. You will need a day wear and evening wear for each day. The ladies and gents love to get quite dressed up for the evenings, it is a fun chance to break out those gowns or sparkly items!

suite case 2

• Attend the ‘Hooch and Smooch’, this is a great first day event where you can mix and mingle. Here you are encouraged to introduce yourself and talk to other people, I found everybody to be very friendly here and all of the people I met at the Hooch and Smooch I saw throughout the weekend, it was a great way to be social, especially for first timers, if you’re flying solo or are a social butterfly.

18th February 1930: Canadian actress Norma Shearer (1902 - 1983) shares a drink with a suspicious Conrad Nagel (1897 - 1970) in the film 'The Divorcee', directed by Robert Z Leonard. (Photo via John Kobal Foundation/Getty Images)

• Get to the gigs you want to see early to ensure a spot…… or be prepared to line up and wait…..


• Get outfit photos, we all want to see and live through you.

1950s summer dresses

• Book your stay early at The Orleans, it makes things easier as all events are in or very near the hotel. We booked three months out and had a good price through a random website called amoma.com so don’t give up if there isn’t any available on The Orleans website, look around and get on The Orleans wait list for a room. If you are out of luck, try the sister hotel Gold Coast as they have a free shuttle going to the Orleans.

2016-05-29 14.37.29

 •  If you find yourself with nothing to do just head along to either of the spots where live music is playing even at 3 in the morning. I heard some great live music at that time of the event and will follow these musicians now.


 •  Pool party, line up early to get in! Bring sunblock!


 •  Don’t be shy, everybody is very friendly and you will be surprised where you will make friends, you just say hello! This also goes if you see somebody you are fan girling, I completely fan girled out a few times and e.g. the Pink Collar ladies, Doris Mayday and Miss Pinup Doll Ashley Marie, they where incredibly lovely and only too happy to have photos with me.

fan griling

•   Vendor rooms – we lined up on the first day and might I add were at the front of the line! It was such a blast and we made some friends in the line waiting, which by the way they open at 5pm on the dot!!  On the last day of the event the vendors all seem to have sales e.g. 25-50% off, this is a great chance to go back and get anything that may have been out of your price range if it’s not gone.


•   Don’t forget to get out of the hotel and see the strip, the free shows. Like The Bellagio water fountain show and The Mirage volcano and of course a photo with the Las Vegas sign!!


•  If you have the time and are wanting to see the Grand Canyon I would highly recommend a helicopter tour with Papillion it gives you not only the opportunity to do it in style but see it from a whole other angle. It is a pricy option but was worth every penny even though I was terrified at lift off! I really enjoyed the experience! Having champagne down on the canyon floor was a night of the trip for me!


  • A personal high light for us was the Neon Sign Museum, you have to book in advance as the spots sell out. You get a full guided tour where they tell you about the history of the signs. It was a great chance to learn about the history of old Las Vegas and get some great photos.


I’m sure my hot tips won’t lead you astray, enjoy your adventure.

 Miss Rouge

kiss mark_medium.jpeg




2 thoughts on “Miss Rouge’s Hot Tips for Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend

  1. I am planning on going to VLV20, but it all sounds so overwhelming. I am not into the current bands or to going to everything is being first in line, I think for me it will be about meet and greets, the car show and Miss VLV contest, a bit of bargain hunting on that last day and spending time with friends….it will be the stress free low/ key version. I even plan to stay further down the strip….but I truly loved living via ( seeing all the glitz and glamour) your feed…and reading this post.

    • Thank you Ruby, i found that Las Vegas is a huge place. Staying at the Orleans where all the events where going on ment i could have the freedom to just wander down from the hotel room have a vino people watch. I like your idea of low key! i guess coming all the way from New Zealand i felt like i had to see and experiance as much as i could! You wont regret attending

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