Miss Pinup Outfits – Evening Wear

 For my evening wear I opted for ‘Sophisticated Classical Glamour’, when I think of that, Wheels and Doll Baby always come to mind! Plus a big plush coat of some kind! And, well, we all know the most amazing coat around … Continue reading

Obsessions Of Miss Rouge -Its Winter & I’m Dreaming Of…….

Tartan Darling!

I am currently obsessed with tartan ! Having Scottish blood in my veins must make it all part of the allure! I have tried to source my families tartan because that would be amazing to have in a skirt! But here is my inspiration board of tartan, I’ll have to pick something! I already have two wiggle skirts in Tartan so I am actually dreaming of a circle skirt! What is your fav?

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plaid 11plaid 13   tartan 1

I love the vibrant plaids! They give the feeling of warmth and happiness at a cold and blustery time.

  plaid 2  plaid 5 plaid 6

The reds are very attractive too! I’m in love with the Vivian of Holloway Pencil Skirt Black Tartan, sadly it is out of stock in my size!


plaid 12plaid 14

Navy blue and greens are totally my personal palliate as these colours always suit me. I’m naturally drawn to them. They can be paired with so many things, I love how it was paired with the red belt as a pop of colour.

plaid 7palid 3  plaid 10

Black and white look so fun too! I think I’m going plaid crazy! I love the idea of the black and white as I feel like it’s quite classic but also you really can accessorize anything with it! Bright colours or subtle colours, whatever mood you are in, this look can work.

Stay warm and fabulous honeys!

Love your Tartan crazy friend Miss Rouge


Miss Pinup Outfits – Talent

The second section: Talent

The second section of Miss Pinup NZ was ‘Talent” ! Oh my I was so nervous, but having a rainbow petticoat and my Nans brooch gave me the confidence I needed to get up there on that stage! My talent was a “A what not to do in table etiquette”. This was quite a bit of fun to put together especially with my assistant Big Ted.

My outfit was a mixture of items I already owned and a few new sourced pieces.

My vintage Gingham dress I felt was perfect for a High Tea, paired with my classic Leg Avenue heels and a vintage Hong Kong beaded cardigan.

 resized_IMG_7794 resized_IMG_7796 resized_IMG_7804

Dress: Etsy Store – Stutterinmama

Cardigan: Etsy Store – SouthernLadyEstates

Shoes: Leg Avenue

Brooch: My Nans

Gloves: Tock Tick Vintage

Fascinator: Tock Tick Vintage

Petticoat: Tock Tick Vintage

Bag: Etsy Store

resized_IMG_7831 resized_IMG_7840 resized_IMG_7843

My rather lady like and perfect gloves were dead stock and from Tock Tick Vintage. I felt like such a lady with theses charming gloves on! My fascinator was also another piece from Tock Tick Vintage ,I felt it helped to complete my outfit perfectly.


As a sentimental gal I felt lucky to wear me Nans brooch it was like having part of my Nan there with me on the day.

resized_IMG_7732 resized_IMG_7731

   The thing that truly completed this outfit was my vintage rainbow petticoat sourced by Tock Tick Vintage. Rainbows have always been symbolic for me, a sign of happiness and great things in my life. Rainbows just make me feel happy and confident!

Miss Rouge