A few Of My Outfits From My Week (29.03.15)

Evening Honeys!

This week I was lucky enough to spend sometime down at the Beach Hop with lots of lovely people and realllly nice rides! Here are a few of my outfits! Post to come all about my adventures at the Beach Hop !

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Top: Pin Up Girl Clothing

Belt: Pin Up Girl Clothing

Skirt: Vintage

Shoes: Legavenue

Bag: Opp Shop

Necklace: Ebay

Brooch: My Nana’s

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Dress: Vintage

Flower: Look Sharp

Shoes: Leg Avenue

Bag: Opp Shop

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resized_IMG_6873  resized_IMG_6875

Miss Rouge

Dress: Pin Up Girl Clothing

Shoes: Vintage from an opp shop

Flower: Look Sharp


Dress: Pumpkin Patch

Miss Lola Fondant

Dress: Pin Up Girl Clothing

Cardi: Rita Sue

Shoes: Kmart

Ribbon: Rita Sue

Brooch: Erstwilder from Rita Sue

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resized_IMG_6953   resized_IMG_6956 resized_IMG_6957

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Miss Rouge

Dress: Vintage purchased from Micheline Pitt

Shoes: Number one shoes

Bag: Vintage from a market

Hair piece: Look sharp

Glasses: Rita Sue

Miss Lola Fondant

Dress: Pin Up Girl Clothing

Bow: Glamour Bunny

Shoes: Number One Shoes

I had a lovely time at the Beach Hop and can’t wait to share a wee post with you on my adventures!

Miss Rouge


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A Few Of My Outfits From My Week (15.03.15)

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resized_IMG_6636 resized_IMG_6638

Skirt: Forever New

Top: Danger Field

Shoes: Steve Madden

Belt :Pin Up Girl Clothing

Bag: Vintage

Shoes Clips: Made by me 🙂

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resized_IMG_6677 resized_IMG_6668 resized_IMG_6678

Dress: Unique Vintage (This dress is on sale at the moment for $25!!! so cheap! go bag yourself a steal!)

Shoes: Vera Wang Lavender

Bag: Vintage from a market

Pearls: Brownsons Jewelers

Only two outfits this week! My photographer has been building a deck! Stay safe and watch out for Cyclone Pam she seems like trouble!

Miss Rouge


A Few Of My Outfits From My Week (08.03.15)

Good Evening Lovelies,

I’m trying out a different layout on my outfits this week. You will see I have just stated the object and where it is from next to it. Where I can, I have tried to add a direct link to the item! I’d love to hear your thoughts and tips. I know my spelling and grammar isn’t my strong suit so be kind on that front 🙂

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Top: Vamp Top – Pin Up Girl Clothing

Skirt: Forever New

Shoes: Modcloth

Shrug: Temt

Bag: Peep Toe Shoes

Tights: Leg Avenue (Farmers)

Earings: Forever New

resized_IMG_6532  resized_IMG_6534 resized_IMG_6538  resized_IMG_6540 resized_IMG_6541 resized_IMG_6553 resized_IMG_6550

resized_IMG_6551 resized_IMG_6552 resized_IMG_6560

Top: (Is actually a dress)Reworked vintage from – Smoove

Skirt: Trademe

Shoes: Doti

Socks: Forever New

Belt: Pin Up Girl Clothing

Bag : Vintage from Avondale markets

Glasses: Ebay

Lip Stick : Antipodes

  resized_IMG_6571  resized_IMG_6573 resized_IMG_6574  resized_IMG_6576 resized_IMG_6577  resized_IMG_6579  resized_IMG_6587  resized_IMG_6583 resized_IMG_6584 resized_IMG_6585  resized_IMG_6581

Vintage Dress: The Vintage Studio

Shoes: Vintage find in an opp shop.

Bag: Vintage find in an opp shop.

Necklace: Vintage from my lovely mother in law.

Belt: Found in an opp shop.

Petticoat: Hell Bunny

Enjoy your week my lovelies!

Miss Rouge


Some of my outfits from my week (01.03.15)

Hello lovelies

I hope you had a fab week ! Here are a few of my outfits from the week!

This outfit feels summery and relaxed! I wore my Peasant top and belt from Pin Up Girl Clothing. My vintage floral skirt I bought from a lovely seller on Etsy called LaBelleVintage. I wore my shoes from Doti and socks from Forever New. My necklace was a wedding present from my Hubby, it is a vintage 1950s locket with pearls inlaid. The pearl hair clip in my hair is from Look Sharp,I have this clip in a few colours a very subtle and affordable accessory! My hand bag is oh so fun! I added a scarf to it from Rita Sue the bag I found a few weeks ago at the Avondale markets !

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resized_IMG_6469 resized_IMG_6470 resized_IMG_6471   resized_IMG_6474 resized_IMG_6475

I’m rocking my Vamp top from Pin UP Girl Clothing that I love! I so want more of these tops in other colours and patterns! I rocked my wiggle skirt from Modcloth, it did come with a belt but I prefer my Wheels and Doll Baby one:) And off course my Steven Madden heels! My earings are from Forever New and my necklace in vintage. My glasses are a Rita Sue find .

 resized_IMG_6476  resized_IMG_6478  resized_IMG_6480

resized_IMG_6483   resized_IMG_6486 resized_IMG_6487

resized_IMG_6488 resized_IMG_6489

  resized_IMG_6493 resized_IMG_6494  resized_IMG_6496

This outfit I’m wearing my Bernie Dexter Cherry Tree Lane print, I love this dress! It is one of those ones that is always dying to be worn! These dresses can be hard to come by! Lucky I purchased mine mid last year from Thatshop. Here I’m wearing it more casually with no petticoat. I pair it with a belt from my Harley Dress from Pin Up Girl Clothing. My shoes are from Doti and my socks are from Forever New

resized_IMG_6429 resized_IMG_6430 resized_IMG_6436

     resized_IMG_6443 resized_IMG_6447  resized_IMG_6445   resized_IMG_6448 resized_IMG_6442

Miss Rouge