My Top 6 Pinup Necessities!

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Love Vintage, Love Bella Vintage

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A Few Outfits From My Week (09.02.15) – (15.02.15)

Today I wore my Harley dress from Pin Up Girl Clothing! I love this dress! it such an easy to wear comfortable dress every time! plus the lovely green colour is so different and I adore it! Plus what girl … Continue reading

My Favourite Hair Styling Ideas & Tips That I Use!

       As a gal who is still experimenting and trying to figure out pin up hair styles I have come across some great videos of different vintage hair styling from a few fabulous ladies within our pin up scene. Theses are my favourite videos and hair styles!

1. Miss Cherry Doll Face-Vintage 1950’s curly hair- with curler.


2.Miss Victory Violet-Vintage 1950’s curly hair- with rollers


2.   Ashley Maire – Beehive style (I love how she calls this nasty to classy!)

beehive behive beeeehive

3. Miss Victory Violet – Hollywood waves style

This is something I’m aspiring to learn for myself, when I can find the time! My  hair was styled by Miss Victory Violet in these pictures below.

Shayna Burrett copy 777 Shayna Burrett 535 copy Shayna Burrett copy 760

4. Miss Victory Violet- clip in bangs!

(I’d love to do this!) Unforuntalty, as my hair colour is rather hard to replicate, ill live through others!

ella bangs

5. Victory rolls with Micheline Pitt

It’s actually been a wee while since I have done victory rolls. I must get back into them! Hence the older photos!

victory rolls IMG_3807

The hair styles I currently rock are a wet set, victory rolls, beehive and a pony tail. I love all of these styles and I try to mix it up but every girl has her favourite ‘go to do’ and mine would definitely be a wet set! Below is a picture of me with a pony tail!


My Tips

Now, as I am most definitely am not a hair dresser I have learnt through trial and error and asking questions so please take my tips with this in mind!

1. Experiment! What one person might say might not work for you, that’s ok, research and try out things until you find what works for you!

2. A good setting lotion goes a long way. I currently use the one from Rita Sue and Loreal- Tecni Art

3. Hair clips and hair spray …. need I say more!

3. If in doubt go to a fab stylist to get a great style. I can recommend some lovely kiwi lady stylists such as The Sweet Painted Lady, Miss Victory Violet at Killer Hair and Debonaire Do’s Vintage Hair & Makeup Styling

4. Finally, don’t be afraid to play with accessories! I love accessories and they can make one hair style look totally different plus they are fun and fairly affordable. I love to mix it up and add brooches to scarves and earrings in flowers and I simply love wearing a ribbon in the style I always refer to as a Disney bow 🙂 I find mine from places like Look Sharp ,Rita Sue and opp shops. Some other fab ladies who create them such as – Hand Made With Love  and Pop That Cassette.

Here I am with a variety of hair accessories!

wet set3 wet set 2accceesssoreisaccessoreis acesseriesacessoiereacessoiers

Enjoy styling, have fun with it!

Miss Rouge


A Few Outfits From My Week (01.02.15) – (08.02.15)

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Stop Staring Clothing- Billion Dollar Baby

 I have longingly eyed up the Stop Staring Clothing dresses thinking they looked stunning but hadn’t had the opportunity to get one…… Recently I had the opportunity and bought one, my very first Stop Staring Clothing dress, I fell in love and have been completely obsessed!

Shayna Burrett copy 312 Shayna Burrett copy 305  Shayna Burrett copy 299

This Stop Staring dress is called The billion dollar baby in Navy blue it also comes in a variety of patterns and colours! There are a few floral patterns that I am dying to own!

I love that the Billion dollar baby really hugs and shapes and flatters your curves yet hides lumps and bumps by the shaping around the waist. I just love that Stop Starring caters to all shapes and sizes ranging from 6 to 18.

 Shayna Burrett copy 279 Shayna Burrett copy 273 Shayna Burrett copy 264

Now am the proud owner of a number of Stop Staring Dresses! If you are looking for a dress with a bit of ‘va-voom’ then look no further! There are a few stockists of Stop Staring clothing. I often buy from Modcloth.

For the outfit in these photos I paired my Steven Madden heels and a vintage hat I purchased at a textile fair.

Shayna Burrett 218 copy Shayna Burrett 214 copy Shayna Burrett 213 copy


Hair: Miss Victory Violet

Make up :Yours truly

Photos: Elizabeth J photography

Miss Rouge


What I wore.

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